Nebraska Football: Princewill Umanmielen beefing up, expects to play

Manor senior defensive end Princewill Umanmielen (3) rushes the passer
Manor senior defensive end Princewill Umanmielen (3) rushes the passer /

As we head towards the Nebraska football season, true freshman Princewill Umanmielen is making it clear he expects to be a contributor in a big way.

It should come as no surprise that there are a ton of kids brought over in Matt Rhule’s first class who think they might get a real shot to get on the field in 2023. The fact of the matter is that most of the guys the new staff brought in through last winter’s recruiting class are likely going to be hard-pressed to see starts or even real playing time.

Count true freshman Princewill Umanmielen among those who thinks he is going to buck the norm. The defensive end has made it clear he wants to not only get on the field in 2023, but wants to be a real contributor.

The good sign for Nebraska football is that he’s not just talking the talk. He’s not just saying he wants to get on the field because he thinks that’s what people want to hear. At least it certainly doesn’t appear that way from over here.

“Keep getting one-percent better every day. Can’t be satisfied, can’t be lazy,” Umanmielen told Rivals. “The more I keep going, the better I get. I just have to keep staying motivated and keep pushing.”

Nebraska football could benefit from freshman’s drive

“Getting better” this time around means putting some meat on the Texas prospect’s frame. Umanmielen spoke on Sports Nightly last week and clarified how he’s changing his body for the college game.

He said he’s already put on 20 pounds since arriving in Lincoln. The defensive end wants to play at 250 to 255.

"“I was eager. I didn’t come here to sit on the bench. Earn a role to play, earn a role to start.”"

Nebraska football’s fall camp starts at the end of this month. When it does, we’ll get to see a better idea of whether Princewill Umanmielen’s effort over the offseason paid off.