Believe it or not, Nebraska football has never played these FBS teams

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Nebraska football
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Nebraska football vs Power 5 schools

There simply aren’t that many Power 5 schools that the Nebraska football hasn’t played at some point and time. The schools that they haven’t gone up against are not exactly the creme of the crop, which is interesting when you look at the schools from P5 on the list.





Boston College

Of all the teams in the SEC, it makes some sense that Vanderbilt is on this list because the Commodores have been so bad for so long. There simply hasn’t been any reason to play them. Kentucky is a bit more surprising because it seems like the two schools might have run into each other in some bowl or another. After all, that’s how the Nebraska football team met up against schools like Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, and others.

In the ACC, the same kind of thing can be said about Louisville, Virginia and Boston College. With none of these teams the cream of the crop and the Nebraska football team is looking to “just make a bowl” it seems pretty possible one of these schools is going to get taken off the list.