Believe it or not, Nebraska football has never played these FBS teams

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Nebraska football vs G5 stragglers

Technically, the teams on this list are not in a conference. In fact, they are free wheeling free agents, which seems like it would be pretty easy for Nebraska football to find a way to square off against them.

The Huskers have played Army a couple of times. Interestingly enough, the Huskers are even just 3-2 against the Cadets thanks to playing Army when the service academy was one of the best programs in the country.

The Huskers have also played Notre Dame 16 times. That’s one of the most games against non-conference opponents. The Nebraska football team is 8-7-1 against the Golden Domers. However, there are two schools that are currently Independents.

UCONN: The Huskies have been around since 1896. However, UCONN hasn’t been on the 1-A or FBS level since 2000. 23 years isn’t all that long when you’re talking about more than 100 teams all trying to find schools to play, that’s not long at all.

UMASS: Two of the worst teams in FBS are also two of the teams that have never faced off against the Huskers. UMASS has only been in FBS since 2011.

Over in the Moutain West, there are also only two schools that have never played the Huskers.

Boise State: The Broncos haven’t been around all that long but they’ve spent some time as a power in college football. They might have been too good for the Huskers to play them. It’s also possible it just didn’t make much sense for the two schools to go head-to-head geographically.

San Diego State: It feels like the Aztecs would have been a very interesting team to play for the Cornhuskers but it just never surfaced. Watching someone like Marshall Faulk run against the NU defense back in the day would have been fun.