Believe it or not, Nebraska football has never played these FBS teams

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Coastal Carolina
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Nebraska football vs the Sun Belt

The Sun Belt currently has the second most teams the Huskers have never gone up against in the country and that really shouldn’t be a huge surprise. While NU has played a decent number of teams from that conference historically, the Sun Belt has seen quite a bit of flux in recent years.

Appalachian State: Like most of the teams in this conference, they just haven’t been FBS all that long. They’ve also been really good since they joined the level and if we’re being honest, that would be a reason for the Nebraska football team to stay away a bit.

Coastal Carolina: The Chanticleers have only been at the FBS level since 2017. The Huskers had almost no chance to play this particular team. It’s not a surprise they’ve never met.

Georgia State: Yet another instance of a team not being at the Nebraska football level actually giving them a get out of jail card. It is interesting that Ga State is one of the only teams from that state the Huskers never faced off against.

James Madison: James Madison is playing in the FBS for the first time in 2023 so obviously, NU hasn’t played them.

Marshall: Unlike some of the other schools on the list, Marshall has been around long enough that it is a bit odd the two programs never crossed paths.

Old Dominion: Another school that’s been around at this level for a very short period of time.

Texas State: If you’re seeing a pattern emerge, yes Texas State is also an FBS newcomer.

Louisiana Monroe: The Warhawks are one of the only teams in the conference that isn’t really a newcomer to FBS and hasn’t played Nebraska football. However, 1994 isn’t all that long ago.