Believe it or not, Nebraska football has never played these FBS teams

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Nebraska football vs current AAC teams

There is not conference that currently has more teams in it that have never played the Nebraska football team than the AAC. There are a couple of different reasons for that but I have to admit that I was more than a little surprised there are so many.

The AAC has 15 teams in its latest iteration. The Cornhuskers have only squared off against six of them. There’s only one other conference anywhere near such a large majority of the schools that have never gone up again Big Red.

Tulane Green Wave: Considering that the Huskers have a pretty good history of playing less than impressive opponents, it’s a bit of a surprise that Tulane the NU have never crossed paths. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, the Green Wave haven’t been FBS all that long, which is obviously the biggest reason.

Navy: The Midshipmen aren’t just one of the more surprising squads in the AAC that the Huskers have never played, they’re the most surprising school in the dozens of squads on this list. Nebraska football has squared off against Army five times and Air Force twice but never played Navy somehow.

East Carolina: The Pirates are sort of in the same boast as Tulane in that they haven’t been FBS super long when compared to the Huskers and the two squads have just never crossed swords.

Tulsa: It’s pretty weird that the Golden Hurricane was never a Husker opponent considering how long Oklahoma and Oklahoma State were annual rivals. Perhaps Nebraska felt like it could ignore Tulsa for that reason.

Temple: Temple is also a late joiner to the FBS when talking about how long the Huskers have been around. The Owls, by the way, are the team I’d put money on being added to the schedule at some point during the Matt Rhule era for obvious reasons.

South Florida: The Bulls might be in the same boat as Tulsa considering the Huskers have played almost every other Florida school in the FBS.

UTSA: The rare Texas school that hasn’t been invited to Lincoln. UTSA is also one of the younger FBS schools.

Charlotte: Charlotte joins