Believe it or not, Nebraska football has never played these FBS teams

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With all the talk around schedule changes, and realignment, it seems like a good time to explore the teams the Nebraska football program has never faced.

On July 1, the college football world took another big shift and the Big 12, Nebraska football’s former conference was the biggest beneficiary of that. However they aren’t the only conference that saw changes to its makeup recently.

Nebraska football is going to be dealing with some big changes in the Big 10 next year as well with the additions of UCLA and USC. The SEC is getting a couple of big additions in Texas and Oklahoma. And with all those changes, it can be hard to keep track of who went where.

It can also be hard to keep track of who the Nebraska football team has played before and who they haven’t ever faced off. When looking at the list of teams the Huskers never played, it’s surprisingly long.

Considering how long the Cornhuskers have been around, it would seem as though they’d played almost anyone that’s been in the FBS for any period of time. However, it’s become obvious that intentionally or not, Nebraska football tends to play the same teams over and over again. There are currently 38 schools in the FBS the Huskers have never seen.

When putting together that list, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Power 5 teams don’t make up a majority of those squads. In fact, the Big 10 (duh) Pac 12 and Big 12 are the only three conferences where Nebraska has played every single team.

The Big 12 might seem like a no-brainer considering the Huskers used to be in that conference but it looks quite a bit different than it did when NU was a member. Even with additions like Cincinnati and UCF, that conference gets checked off.

The most interesting name of this group has to be the Pac 12. I assumed there was at least team in that conference the Huskers missed, but that’s not the case.

Having said that, read on to see who Nebraska football has never played in its 133 years of existence.