Nebraska Football: NCAA splintering could be imminent


Nebraska football fans might be looking at the last days of the Huskers playing in the NCAA if a national push for NIL fails this summer.

Most Nebraska football fans believe that should recent efforts to establish a national NIL law fail, it will be business as usual for the foreseeable future. While there won’t be a set of rules governing NIL, the Huskers and the rest of the college football world will just have the makeshift set of rules that have been around for the last few years.

However, a faction of college football experts believes that the wide range of NIL rules will mean a splintering of the NCAA, if not the outright death. And now one of those experts is sounding the alarm.

One of the men behind the recruiting and college sports news network On3 Shannon Terry, took to Twitter on Tuesday to bring dire news. Terry said that his sources believe the chance of a national NIL bill this summer is waning; despite several being discussed in Congress.

Terry added that if there isn’t a national NIL bill soon, the NCAA will lose Nebraska football, the Big Ten, and every other Power 5 conference.

Nebraska football part of a new organization?

Terry’s theory is that the Power 5 conferences will eventually become a kind of Super League, and schools like Nebraska will play a big part in constructing it.

The analyst believes this is a foregone conclusion. It cannot be stopped by anything other than a national NIL law that would somewhat even the playing field. According to his sources, the NCAA knows this.

That organization is moving past trying to keep Nebraska football, the B1G, or SEC or Big 12 football teams. Instead, the NCAA will be focusing its resources on trying to hold onto the NCAA basketball tournament.

The report is certainly a dire one. It’s also clear that just what this new college sports world will look like isn’t known. Of course, it’s also unclear if this is just a boogeyman story started by people who might favor limiting NIL.

This issue isn’t going away. It seems like it’s something that will need to be watched closely. Nebraska football fans might see some big shifts in the coming years.