Nebraska Cornhuskers: Bob Huggins’ latest blunder could be Fred Hoiberg’s gain

West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Bob Huggins during practice at Legacy Arena. (Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports)
West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Bob Huggins during practice at Legacy Arena. (Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports) /

Bob Huggins has made another massive blunder and this time, there’s an opening where the Nebraska Cornhuskers could take advantage.

West Virginia basketball head coach Bob Huggins has done it again. He’s once again gotten in his own way in spectacular fashion. The sure-fire Hall of Fame coach was arrested for driving drunk this time.

It’s the second time this spring that he’s found himself in quite a bit of trouble with his boss. It’s possible that he’s finally used up his chances. And that’s where the Nebraska Cornhuskers could come in.

It seems likely that Huggins is going to finally part ways with West Virginia. There were some who thought he might be fired when he made some bigoted comments aimed at Xavier earlier this year, but he was only suspended.

If this is strike two, or strike three, or strike 100, it could be good news for Fred Hoiberg and company. If Huggins is sent packing, there’s at least one recent West Virginia commit who could be poached.

Nebraska Cornhuskers benefitting from Huggins’ missteps

The Huskers and Mountaineers went head to head for a transfer commit earlier this spring and Huggins emerged the victor for the services of Kerr Kriisa. One has to wonder if the WVA head coach is fired, if perhaps Kriisa might wonder about where he decided to transfer to.

Obviously, there are usually issues when it comes to transferring as often as Kriisa might if he decided he wanted to head to Lincoln instead. But most of those issues are wiped away when a coach is fired.

Those wondering if the Nebraska Cornhuskers would still take Kriisa if he had second thoughts about the Mountaineers? Those questions are likely answered by the fact that Hoiberg is reportedly still in the market for a point guard.

He’s recently turned his attention to Rutgers transfer Paul Mulcahy. However, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are no shoo-in for the Big Ten star. It’s possible Kriisa might be pushed front and center if he suddenly becomes available again.