Nebraska Football suffers big blow as Wyatt Gilmore chooses different path

A Nebraska Cornhuskers fan reacts to a call (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
A Nebraska Cornhuskers fan reacts to a call (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

Highly regarded offensive lineman Wyatt Gilmore has dealt a blow to Nebraska football fans by excluding the Huskers from his final five college choices.

The 4-star lineman had been one of those highly touted prospects that the Nebraska football staff was hoping to make some real inroads for. Because he was located in Big Ten country, there was some hope that Rhule and company’s recruiting prowess would be able to lure him to Lincoln permanently. However, it appears that wasn’t meant to be.

Gilmore announced his final five school choices over the weekend. Nebraska football was left off of that list. Unfortunately, one of the Big Ten teams that has become one of the Huskers’ chief rivals in conference play was among those who are still very much in the running. It’s also more than a little deflating that Kansas State is somehow among the teams that Gilmore is still favoring.

The final five that the Minnesota offensive lineman is considering are Minnesota, Miami, Oklahoma, the Wildcats and Oregon. Just where he’ll end up deciding to go to certainly seems to depend on whether he wants to stick close to home or head to one of the coasts.

Nebraska football loses out on Wyatt Gilmore

Because of the varied profiles of the schools the 4-star prospect has named as his final favorites, it’s a bit hard to read the tea leaves. On3 believes that the Miami Hurricanes are trending as the favorite, apparently believing that he’s not wanting to stay home.

That might be at least part of the reason why the Cornhuskers have been left off his final list. If he’s looking for a warmer climate to play in, he’s not going to get that with Nebraska football.

The bottom line here is that the Huskers not making the offensive lineman’s list is disheartening. Gilmore visited the Huskers in March and was said to be leaning toward Lincoln at the time. One thing all five teams have in common is that they all went to bowl games in 2022. It appears before Matt Rhule and his staff can start pulling in these kinds of prospects, Nebraska football’s turnaround is going to have to begin.