Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Team Jack’s sad update, NU vs Maryland

Nebraska's Michael Garza delivers a pitch
Nebraska's Michael Garza delivers a pitch /

Nebraska Cornhuskers fans around the country and around the world know exactly what someone is talking about when they mention, “Team Jack.” A young Jack Hoffman ran into Husker fans’ hearts with his story about a kid who has faced cancer with bravery and a “no quit” attitude.

Unfortunately, earlier this week, Team Jack shared some rather sad news when it revealed on its Facebook page that a recent MRI showed there was tumor growth.

Because Team Jack and the Hoffman family are the never ones to give up or really even flag in the face of news like this, they say that they are currently looking at the best way to move forward in the wake of this news.

It should go without saying that everyone in Nebraska Cornhuskers nation is rooting for Hoffman to beat this new tumor back as well.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Baseball facing off against the big boys

There was a time when the Nebraska baseball team looked like it was going to find a way to lose to Rutgers in their first game in the Big Ten tournament.

The Huskers opened a 3-0 lead in the first inning, but could not keep the pressure on, first allowing Rugers to tie the game at 3-3 and then taking a 6-3 lead. However in the 7th inning, the Nebraska Cornhuskers managed to rally thanks to a 3-run home run and then Scarlet Knights pitcher having no ability to throw a strike, NU took a 9-6 lead.

They were eventually able to make that lead stand up and win the first game of the tourney. That means that on Thursday night, the Nebraska Cornhuskers will take on top-seeded Maryland. A win in that game could give Will Bolt’s boys the inside track to getting to the championship game on Sunday relatively unscathed.

Knocking off the Terapins is hardly going to be an easy task. The last time the two teams met, Maryland took two of three, including a 20-5 victory, to close out the series.