Nebraska Football fans crash Colorado ticket party, website

Nebraska football recruiting fans react (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football recruiting fans react (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Colorado Buffaloes officially started selling single-game tickets on Wednesday, and Nebraska football fans absolutely pounced.

That Nebraska football fans are more than a little interested in tickets for the Buffs game in Boulder should surprise no one. The last time the Huskers traveled to that city, the fans attended en masse. In fact, they showed up in such volume that CU fans have been complaining about it ever since, even though they won the game.

Today’s events however, are impressive even for a Nebraska football fanbase that always travel well, even in the lean years. Once single game tickets went on sale on Wednesday morning, it took no time at all for Husker fans to crash the party.

Then they crashed the website.

Notice the timestamp there. 45 minutes after the tickets went on sale, Nebraska football fans had flooded the site with ticket requests. The game is a little less than four months away.

One interesting tidbit is that Colorado both knew and prepared for Husker fans to come calling. A quick look at ticket prices for the game against Nebraska football shows that there is some significant price gauging going on.

The tickets are separated into five “zones” and then two clubs. For Zone 5, which is apparently the cheapest group of tickets available, seats are going for $315. In contrast, the next most expensive home game ticket is USC, with seats on Zone 5 going for $185. Zone 1 tickets, the most expensive zone up for offer, are being sold for $650 apiece. USC seats in the same area are selling for $405.

Nebraska football fans paying up

It will be a little while until we know just how many tickets Husker fans were able to purchase. It’s. a safe bet that Colorado fans were also heading to the site early and often to try and keep tickets away from the NU faithful. Or buying them so they could sell them to NU faithful for even higher markups.

This game has always been a rivalry. But things have ramped up a bit with the arrival of Matt Rhule in Lincoln and Deion Sanders in Boulder.

September 9 is going to be fun. Assuming Nebraska football follows through and wins the game.