Nebraska Football: Washington Huskies fans want to trade places with Huskers

Nebraska football fans are suddenly finding themselves in the crosshairs of Washington Huskies fans who are feeling a little jealous right now.

Over the last few months, there has been quite a bit of talk about what might become of the Pac-12. There’s also been a lot of talk about the Pac-12 eventually breaking up and becoming part of the Big Ten. That’s happening at least a little bit already with the additions of USC and UCLA.

For now, the Washington Huskies are staying put. Though there have been plenty of rumors about how they might eventually join the Big Ten as well.

Now it appears more than a few Huskies fans not only want to join the B1G but want to do so while booting the Nebraska football team in the process. The rather humorous Message Board Geniuses Twitter account found quite the doozy from some Huskies fans.

Nebraska football fans getting the boot?

Over on one of the most popular Washington Huskies message boards, those fans started talking again about where the Pac-12 team might go if it leaves the conference. There was quite a bit of talk that Washington and Stanford might even be a package deal.

That’s a rumor that’s been flying around the internet for a while now. However, one fan came up with a new idea.

“What they really ought to do is send Nebraska to join Colorado back in the Big 12 and slide us into the Nebraska slot.”

It’s not hard to figure out why Huskies fans think they could actually do something like that. It’s not like Nebraska football has been a powerhouse lately. Arguably the Huskies have been quite a bit better.

However, what Nebraska football has, Washington Huskies fans want. And it doesn’t appear that they’re going to get what they want anytime soon.