Nebraska Football: Logan Smothers would reportedly be welcomed back

Nebraska football quarterback Logan Smothers (8) walks off the field (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football quarterback Logan Smothers (8) walks off the field (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /

If Logan Smothers decided he didn’t want to transfer after all, the Nebraska football coaches would reportedly welcome him back with open arms.

Things have been rather fast and furious in the Nebraska football world since the spring game ended. The Huskers have lost three quarterbacks off the roster in Richard Torres, Casey Thompson, and Logan Smothers.

While it’s been clear the Huskers needed to shave down the roster a bit in order to get to 85 scholarships, it’s also clear that even Matt Rhule and company didn’t expect to see their quarterback room go from crowded to damn near empty in the span of a few days.

That’s why if one or maybe even more than one of the quarterbacks who entered the portal this week decided to withdraw, they’d be welcomed back. One player who specifically will be offered a spot on the roster is reportedly Logan Smothers.

Smothers has been seen as a player that has shown quite a bit of loyalty to the Nebraska football program while also constantly getting overlooked by whatever coaching staff is in charge. However, it appears that Rhule and his assistants understand the value of the Alabama native.

Nebraska football wants Logan Smothers back

The question now is whether or not something has changed for Smothers. Is it possible that Casey Thompson also entering the portal shifted the math?

Could Logan decide the less crowded quarterback room is enough to lure him back to a school he clearly enjoyed attending? One can hope, if for no other reason than it would be nice to keep a quarterback who has experience playing in Big Ten games.

It’s easy to assume that both Logan and Casey knew the other was going to leave. Generally players are going to tell teammates before the public finds out. But it’s possible the two don’t have that kind of a relationship.

At the moment, there’s no indication that Logan Smothers wants to come back to Nebraska football. Here’s hoping that changes.