Nebraska football: Coaches furious over new visits rule are missing an opportunity


Nebraska football fans should take notice of opposing coaches who are throwing an absolute fit over the new rules and notice Husker coaches seem fine.

Last week, a new recruiting rule was announced by the NCAA and with some, it still feels as though perhaps people have realized just how much of a ground mover it could be. Schools like Nebraska football might have just gotten another weapon in its arsenal when it comes to landing some of the best players in the country, not just in future classes but still in the 2024 class.

However, when it comes to the rule change, which allows prospects to take as many official visits as they want, as long as they only take one per school (two if a coach was fired) there are plenty of coaches that are apparently throwing quite the hissy fit. One could even say they are filling their diapers, thinking about the time and energy they might have to expend in order to keep up with their rivals.

Adam Gorney of Rivals laid out the absolute temper tantrums that are being thrown by some college coaches over the rule change. While Gorney doesn’t name any of the people raging about the rule, it certainly feels like the Nebraska football staff knows better than whoever is talking to the recruiting expert about their concerns.

Most of the complaints, which Gorney seemed to agree with were similar to the following:

"“I traded messages with at least six sources, and all were either wildly upset about it or seemed to shrug and say, ‘Why? Yet another thing to deal with.'”"

Tell me you can see Matt Rhule or his staff complaining about the possibility of getting an official visit from a recruit that left them off his Top 5 originally, deciding to come and see what Lincoln has to offer as “another thing to deal with.”

Nebraska football can approach the new rule with high energy

The biggest argument against this rule change is that it will widen the gap between the haves and the have nots. And to some degree, that’s true. However, when I see comments like this:

"“Wake Forest isn’t beating Clemson for top players – free porterhouse steaks or no free porterhouses. But the gap just widens even further now.”"

I just have to shake my head. If all the official visit involves is a free meal, then yeah, that’s a waste of time and resources. But perhaps Wake Forest should approach official visits the way the Nebraska football program has done when it comes to recruits like Dylan Raiola.

When Raiola came to Lincoln, Rhule and company didn’t just take him to a steak house. They took him to games. They showed him what the Nebraska football program has to offer. They showed why he should pick the Huskers over Ohio State. In short, Wake Forest showed Raiola why they had something better to offer than Clemson.

While Nebraska football continues to work its tail off in recruiting, I’m perfectly fine with other coaches doing nothing but complaining about the new rule. More for us, let’s eat.