Nebraska football: Nouredin Nouili talks mix and match approach of offensive line so far

Offensive lineman Nouredin Nouili #63 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers leads the team(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Offensive lineman Nouredin Nouili #63 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers leads the team(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Nouredin Nouili is back with the Nebraska football team after a suspension, and among the topics he discussed was the mix-and-match offensive line approach.

The offensive lineman transferred to the Nebraska football team from Colorado State, and when he arrived, it was thought that Nouili could be a big impact player as he grew into his role. Heading into the 2023 season, more than a few expect him to grab a starting spot. In talking to the media for the first time since being reinstated from a year-long suspension, he talked about how the offensive line as a group is looking to improve and where he might play if he does win a starting nod.

It turns out that one big way second-year offensive line coach Donovan Raiola is trying to get this group to grow and improve is by taking a bit of a mix-and-match approach. According to Noili, none of the guys on the line really have a position yet. Many guys have been moving around and trying out different spots.

When Nouili was asked where he is getting the most practice snaps, he made it clear there isn’t one place.

"“Everywhere. Everyone is kinda being thrown around just to see like what we can do. So I don’t necessarily have a primary position. right now”"

When a reporter asked the Colorado State transfer if he had a preference on whether he’d like to play guard, tackle, or center, Nouili played coy and answered, “o-line?” Though he did laugh off the answer, it’s clear that he wasn’t kidding when he opened his media time by saying that he would have rather died than not been able to play for Nebraska football in 2022.

He very obviously is not going to say or do anything that might eventually limit when he plays in 2023. If Raiola wants him outside, he’ll happily go there. If he gets moved to the interior of the offensive line, he’ll go there.

One thing his answer did do was add just a bit more intrigue to the spring game. It will certainly be interesting to see who finally lines up where. Not that anything is going to be set in stone for the fall over the next few weeks.

For what it’s worth, Nouili has spent the majority of his college career at left guard. It will be interesting to see if that’s how it shakes out for this year’s installment of Nebraska football.