Nebraska Football: Huskers still awaiting Arik Gilbert eligibility news

Arik Gilbert (14) celebrates after making a touchdown
Arik Gilbert (14) celebrates after making a touchdown /

The Nebraska football team is still waiting to see if one of their secret weapons via transfer is actually going to play for them in 2023.

Arik Gilbert was one of the big gets for Nebraska football in the transfer portal less because of what he’s done on the college level so far and more because of the athletic ability the player clearly possesses. Because of that, he’s always been a sort of secret weapon for the Huskers.

It just so happens that when exactly Matt Rhule and company will get to use this weapon is still a secret that the NCAA is keeping very close to the vest.

Gilbert is seeking a special waiver from the NCAA because his transfer to Nebraska is the second since he started his playing days. During his press conference on Thursday Huskers head coach Matt Rhule briefly addressed the Gilbert situation and where they stand as of now.

"“If it works out that he can play this year, which I believe he should be able to, then great. If he can’t, then we’re going to help him get ready for next year for the NFL. I’ve seen a lot in football and I think a lot of these guys need somebody to give them a chance — like a real chance — to do things the right way. I like him a lot, so we’re doing that. He’s doing excellent in school. Great kid, so I hope it works out for him.”"

Rhule added that he’s simply not sure when the waiver situation is going to resolve itself. Hence the talk about developing him either way.

Nebraska football waits for Arik Gilbert decision

The situation with the Georgia transfer is different than some other players that have transferred more than once mainly because they did so after coaching changes. Gilbert transferred from LSU to Georgia after the 2020 season which allowed special waivers because of the pandemic.

Now his departure from the Bulldogs and arrival with the Nebraska football team will need special dispensation. Here’s hoping he gets it and can be another weapon for the Huskers this fall.