Nebraska Football doesn’t have a ‘competition problem’ according to Evan Cooper

Nebraska football defensive back Marques Buford Jr(Brendan Moran-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska football defensive back Marques Buford Jr(Brendan Moran-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Nebraska football team is seeing quite a bit of competition this spring, and defensive backs coach Evan Cooper said he’s not seeing anyone afraid of it.

While this is the time of year when fans should expect the Nebraska football coaches and players to be saying likes of positive things, it’s still nice to hear that a coaching staff still getting used to its players is liking what it’s seeing. When Matt Rhule and company first came to town, it appeared that there were a few members of the squad that didn’t love the message being delivered by some. There were departures like Decoldest Crawford and Ernest Hausmann.

However, those that have stayed in Lincoln and bought into what the new Nebraska football staff is selling appear to be making a good impression on guys like defensive backs coach Evan Cooper.

Cooper talked to the media on Thursday and said that the one thing the Huskers don’t have at this point in spring practice is a “competition problem.”

"“Like I said, this … team, they just really attack whatever we tell them to attack. It’s been good. They come out and compete. Like I said earlier, we don’t have a competition problem.”"

Cooper’s comments come as the Nebraska football team goes through its second week of spring practice and works it way toward the spring game, which will be the finale of this short practice period.

It’s still going to be a few weeks until Husker fans are able to actually see what the defense under coordinator Tony White and his assistants looks like. For now, it’s all about the positive comments and the hope that things are actually getting settled.

There are plenty of questions for Nebraska football on both sides of the ball. And that makes it harder to figure out if anything is being answered. But it’s hard not to like Evan Cooper’s enthusiasm for what he’s seeing.