Nebraska Football: Pro Days could and should get a big facelift

If Nebraska football wants to get its players a better look from the NFL, then Trev Alberts and the rest of the athletic department should start pushing, right now, for the Big Ten to follow the lead of the Big 12.

There aren’t too many times I’m going to ever say that Nebraska football or the Big Ten should take notes from the Big 12. There isn’t much the Huskers former conference gets right. However, their approach to Pro Day starting next year could be an example of even a blind squirrel finding a nut from time to time.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Big 12 is going to implementing a policy before next year’s NFL Draft where the conference will have one big Pro Day for every school under its watch. Those schools will in turn, do away with their individual Pro Days.

The positives for an approach like this are rather obvious. The first is that if the Big Ten followed suit and worked something like this out, it would mean that Nebraska football wouldn’t have any competition when it comes to who might come to their Pro Day.

The Big 12 is holding its event at the Dallas Cowboys facilities. That means less travel for Dallas and other NFL scouts and a guarantee that all the workouts and whatnot are under a more controlled environment.

It doesn’t seem like a stretch that Nebraska football and the rest of the Big 10 could find a place to do something similar. It just so happens that Kevin Warren is now a member of the Chicago Bears’ front office. He might be amenable to allowing the NFL squad to host the conference he used to helm.

The Indianapolis Colts would be another no brainer location for the Big Ten to host its conference wide Pro Day. It turns out that not every idea that comes out of the Big 12 is a bad one and Nebraska football and others should pounce when a good idea comes along.