NCAA Basketball: Houston lucks out at the top of the rankings

When it comes to the latest NCAA basketball rankings, it appears that the Houston Cougars sitting at the top spot is more luck than any indication of just how good they are. The good news is that we’re almost to the part of the season where it really doesn’t matter who is ranked one, two, three or four.

We’re also at the point of the season where being number one might just get a team some extra love that they don’t really deserve. That’s where the Houston Cougars are in the NCAA basketball world.

The latest AP NCAA basketball rankings came out on Monday afternoon and Houston is still the kings of the hill. That despite the fact that their latest victory was just a two-point win on a last-second shot over the Memphis Tigers.

Despite the fact that most NCAA basketball talking heads would admit that wasn’t all that impressive a win, they are one of the only Top 5 teams that actually managed to go undefeated for the week. That’s one of the ways in which the team is lucky to have stayed where they are.

NCAA Basketball: Houston lucks out at the top of the rankings

The other team that could really make a challenge in the rankings is currently UCLA. The reason that the Bruins aren’t right at the top of the list, is because they started the week at number four. Even if they might be one of the most impressive teams around right now, they’re going to have to wait a little bit before they really get their chance.

Meanwhile, Alabama and Kansas suffered losses at the hands of lesser teams. That’s why the NCAA basketball world believes that at least for now, the Houston Cougars are where they’re supposed to be.

The real question, as we get closer to March Madness and the real craziness of this time of year, is that it seems likely that some other NCAA basketball team will rise to the ranks when it comes to the top seed overall.