Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Volleyball day, admiral John Cook, more

Head coach John Cook of Nebraska Cornhuskers (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Head coach John Cook of Nebraska Cornhuskers (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

The big mystery surrounding the Nebraska Cornhuskers has officially been revealed. After about a day of people guessing at what the big event that the University of Nebraska was planning for next fall, Trev Alberts, Ted Carter and the rest let it be known.

In order for the Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team to really make a mark on college sports, they’re going to play a match in Memorial Stadium. By doing this, it will allow the volleyball program to do something no other has done before it. And that’s not even counting what will almost certainly be an insurmountable record for attendance for a volleyball match.

The program announced the Huskers game will be part of a bigger “Volleyball Day” event that will actually see a couple of different matches played in Memorial Stadium.

The unveiling of the event isn’t something that many people guessed at. However, once it was revealed that the game was planned, there was plenty of excitement about this could mean for volleyball. It will also allow Nebraska Cornhuskers fans to show a level of support that college sports rarely gets.

Other Nebraska Cornhuskers news

  • When Volleyball Day was just a tease as some big event, it was revealed that Governor Jim Pillen would be in attendance. There were some who wondered what was so big that the governor was around. It turns out he was there in order to make John Cook an honorary Admiral of the Nebraska Navy. This honor is given to people in the state who have lived very noteworthy lives. While it may sound like a bit of a joke, it is indeed something that is quite special for the Nebraska volleyball coach.
  • As part of the special Volleyball Day, Huskers AD Trev Alberts said that the university will be working to make alcohol sales available with some special dispensation.
  • While Friday was Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball centric, there was a bit of other news. That included the Nebraska baseball team getting its first win of the season after starting the season 0-3-1. They beat South Alabama 5-4 on Friday night.
  • The NIL Collective, the 1890 Initiative has been quite busy the last few days. On Friday it announced it had signed two more Nebraska Cornhuskers to NIL deals. Women’s basketball star Kendall Coley and Nebraska Cornhuskers football player Phalen Sanford both signed new deals.