Most baffling Voter Choices in 2/20 College Basketball Rankings


When looking at the latest college basketball rankings there are a few things that really stand out but right at the top of the list is the top of the rankings. The Houston Cougars have retaken the number one spot, a return for the AAC team that has turned itself into a powerhouse college basketball program.

Houston has certainly managed to capture its little corner of the NCAA basketball world. The problem is that the Cougars’ corner of the basketball world doesn’t really seem that big. And there are teams like the Alabama Crimson Tide whose cut of the world seems quite a bit bigger. It would seem as though the Tide have fallen out of the top spot, after being there for just a week, just because the voters wanted to see a bit of a shakeup at the top.

It’s worth noting that the last game Alabama played before these rankings came out was a game where they absolutely dominated the Georgia Bulldogs.

Georgia might not be the cream of the crop of college basketball the way they are in college football but they’re also not a terrible team. And Alabama managed to blow the Dogs out of the water, 108-59.

And then they dropped in the polls because Houston beat Memphis 72-64.

Most baffling Voter Choices in 2/20 College Basketball Rankings

One has to wonder if at least some of the voter backlash in the college basketball rankings against Alabama might actually be the stuff that is coming out about them off the court.

Nate Oats is certainly not someone who is exactly a wordsmith. His explanation of the gun issue floating around the school right now has been widely panned as terrible. Is it possible that the AP Voters don’t want a school like that at the top of the college basketball rankings. That is actually the reason that makes the most sense. Any other call seems a bit baffling.