Nebraska Football: Ex-Husker explains why Brett Maher is still better than you

Dallas Cowboys place kicker Brett Maher (19) and punter Bryan Anger (5) celebrate the game winning field goal (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys place kicker Brett Maher (19) and punter Bryan Anger (5) celebrate the game winning field goal (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

A former Nebraska football player felt the need to explain why even with Brett Maher’s latest struggles, he’s still doing something you can’t. To be fair, when I say that Brett Maher is better than you. I also mean me. And almost anyone who thinks that because the Dallas Cowboys kicker seemingly had a case of the yips, that “anyone” could do it better.

It’s a story as old as time. People watch a punter or kicker shank a couple of kicks and there’s the inevitable “I think even I could do it better than that.” Heck, people even think that about themselves when it comes to the quarterback overthrowing or underthrowing receivers, or those same receivers dropping passes that hit them right in the hands. But it seemingly happens more with kickers because they aren’t asked to run routes or deal with defensive linemen coming for them on every snap.

However, one former Nebraska football kicker wants fans to understand it isn’t as easy as it looks and that no, not just anyone can go in and be a successful kicker.

Spencer Lindsay took to Twitter on Sunday night after Maher looked shaky yet again. There were even reports that the Cowboys player was missing kicks in warmups. He then had his first extra point blocked. That sparked a ton of memes, and one idiot in Texas tweeting out about one of his constituents in the dumbest way possible.

We’ll ignore that it appears Governor Abbott doesn’t know the name of the guy that has been a topic of discussion for weeks and move right to Lindsay, making it clear why this tweet is especially stupid.

"“If you think because an NFL kicker (who went 29 for 32, 9 for 11 from 50+ this year) has a tough stretch, that makes you believe you could kick in the NFL because it looks easy, trust me. No, you couldn’t.”"

Ex-Nebraska Football Kicker Makes His Case

"“Thousands of great athletes with strong legs kick in college or other leagues every year try to make an NFL camp, less than 1% of those guys are good enough to get a tryout. Only the best of the best will ever get reps in an NFL camp, much less become one of 32 NFL starters.”"

Lindsay also made the comparison that thinking somebody could be a better kicker because they saw Brett Maher struggle is the same as watching a pro golfer have a bad round and thinking you could be a better golfer.

He also closed his argument with a pretty impressive mic drop.

"“Please. Enjoy your mom’s meatloaf, and stop pretending your an elite level athlete because you saw some missed field goals on TV.”"

For those who might think Lindsay doesn’t know what he’s talking about, keep in mind he comes from a place of authority.

He was a member of the Nebraska football team from 2012 to 2016, though he saw most of his time as a kickoff specialist. He did attempt one field goal in his Huskers career but it was blocked. He also went 4-for-4 on extra points on Senior Day in 2016 after starting kicker Drew Brown was hurt.

His experiences with Nebraska football might actually make him uniquely suited to make this argument for Brett Maher, considering before he was mostly the backup kicker for the Cornhuskers, he was one of the best kickers in the state during his high school days.