Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Hooray basketball, oh no basketball, more

Wednesday night was full of Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball news and it was quite the even split between good news and bad news.

The good news is that Hoiberg’s heroes got a very big win against a conference foe. The 63-60 victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes actually moved the Nebraska Cornhuskers from 13th in the Big Ten to 10th.

That might not seem like a very significant jump to you, but for a team that has spent basically the entirety of the Fred Hoiberg era in the very bottom portion of the conference, getting out of that spot and already having three conference wins is a very big deal.

If for no other reason, the Nebraska basketball team looks like a squad that could win a few more games and move ever closer to actually finishing at .500 or better and earning an NIT bid.

Other Nebraska Cornhuskers News

  • Hoiberg’s bunch wasn’t the only Nebraska basketball team to get a big win on Wednesday. Amy Williams’ squad also got a victory over Penn State that saw the Huskers improve to 12-7 overall and has them squarely in the hunt for an NCAA tournament bid.
  • The “bad” part of Wednesday night was the revelation that Juwan Gary is officially out for the rest of the season. He visited a specialist earlier in the day on Wednesday and will need surgery on his shoulder. If there is a bright side to that, it’s that Gary is only a junior, so could return for the 2023-2024 season if he wishes.
  • In Nebraska football news, one of the most anticipated games of the 2023 season around Lincoln and Boulder is the Huskers vs Colorado. But it turns out it’s also one of the most anticipated in the country. Footballscoop has the matchup listed as one of the 14 most anticipated non-con tilts.

Other Sports News

  • While the Nebraska Cornhuskers has their QBs in Jeff Sims and Casey Thompson, locked down, Florida is having some issues. Gators fans thought they got a top prospect in Jaden Rashada, however he’s been released from his NLI after it was deemed that Florida’s NIL collective promised him $13 million it never intended to pay him.

  • Former Nebraska football star Tristan Gebbia is back in the Big Ten. After initially transferring to Oregon State, he’s now at a different OSU. He’ll be playing the 2023 season for the Buckeyes. That story gets a little less interesting as there’s no chance NU and OSU will face off in the regular season.
  • There was a time when Tony Dungy was considered a great coach and a great man. He’s seen his reputation take a hit of late as he continues tweeting out anti-LBGTQ+ comments and this week tweeted and deleted a post that advanced a truly ridiculous urban legend.