Nebraska Football: Matt Rhule and Ryan Held team up to help Kearney add talent

When it comes to Nebraska football, the recruiting approaches by Matt Rhule and company are fairly straightforward. After all, despite several really bad years for the program, there are plenty of players who are dying to don the Huskers uniform. However, new Kearney football coach Ryan Held has to take a slightly different approach in order to get players to come play for the Lopers.

Interestingly enough, it appears that Held is getting some help from Rhule. The teamup shows that once again, Rhule seems to be totally embracing the culture of Nebraska football. He’s not just looking out for the Huskers and the players that come play for him.

He’s also looking out for the Nebraska college system in general. And he’s looking out for a former Nebraska Cornhuskers player that has returned to the state in order to try and keep the success of Kearney going.

The team-up started when Held tweeted out a call for players that might not be getting the attention they want from other programs but are looking for a chance to play college football.

“Attention 23 NEBRASKA and Region players!!!! If you don’t have a scholarship offer and are looking for a great place to get a great education and be a part of a great program—-Drop that Film below!”

Shortly after Held sent out the tweet, Matt Rhule amplified it to his own followers.

Other members of the Nebraska football team soon followed suit.

What stood out in the way that Rhule and others came to Held’s aid is that this isn’t the kind of interaction we’ve really seen from Nebraska Cornhuskers coaches. They’ve largely operated in their own little corner of the world.

Nebraska Football Pitching In

It wouldn’t be hard to assume that they pretty much ignored some of the smaller schools in the state. But Matt Rhule has already proved to be different.

That’s especially refreshing when you’re reminded that he’s not one who has deep or lasting ties to the state or the program, other than being a longtime fan of what Tom Osborne built.