Nebraska Football: Chancellor Brewington says goodbye to the Huskers, hello to the NFL

tight end Chancellor Brewington #82 on the field (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
tight end Chancellor Brewington #82 on the field (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

As we head closer to 2023, the churn in the Nebraska football team is still ongoing. Some of that churn is nothing but positive such as the successful early signing period last week. Some of the churn is bitter sweet such as the goodbye to the program that tight end Chancellor Brewington gave on social media on Monday.

Brewington isn’t the first member of the Nebraska football team to announce he’s heading to the pros this winter. Trey Palmer actually had that honor. However, Brewington’s goodbye hits a bit different maybe for no other reason than he wasn’t really on the radar as someone who might try his hand at the NFL.

The tight end has not been anything close to a major factor in the offense for most of his career. However he is one of those guys that tends to do things for the team that doesn’t always show up on the scoresheet.

In 2022 the Nebraska football team benefitted from Brewington’s resurgent offensive abilities and his ability to block at the point of attack and other things that might not catch score keepers. In fact, he had more catches this season than he did since his sophomore season. He finished the year with 11 catches for 100 yards and a touchdown.

As part of his goodbye to the program and the fans, Brewington made it clear that choosing to play for the Nebraska football team was the best decision he’s ever made.

However, that didn’t change the fact that he’s ready for the next challenge in his life. He added that the journey he’s on needs a next step and that next step is going pro and entering the NFL Draft.

The real question now is whether or not the tight end is going to be drafted, or whether he might find a team come calling when the dust settles. It’s a safe bet that all of Nebraska football nation is going to be rooting for him.