Nebraska Football: Matt Rhule hire is ‘moment of truth’ for Huskers, analyst says

Matt Rhule walks onto the field (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)
Matt Rhule walks onto the field (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

Has Nebraska football reached its moment of truth? Is the program on its “last chance?” There is at least one college football analyst who believes that is definitely the case. He believes that if Matt Rhule can’t turn around the Huskers, there might not be anyone who can pull it off. Granted, we’ve heard that kind of fatalist language before.

The “if he can’t do it, no one can” stuff was something that was often floated out there as a reason not to fire Scott Frost. It turns out that the Nebraska football program is almost certainly better without him. So, I’m always going to be wary of anyone who says it’s Matt Rhule or no one. On the other hand, when someone like Paul Finebaum says he believes the former Baylor and Temple head coach has the stuff to turn the program around, I’m going to listen.

Finebaum made those kinds of comments when he spoke to Kristian Dyer of Rutgers Wire. The man who has watched more college football than almost anyone else on the planet made it clear that he likes what Rhule brings to the table and he thinks the coach can make it work for Nebraska football.

“I think as a college coach, he’s phenomenal. And I think Nebraska made a really good hire,” Finebaum said before admitting that he actually thought Frost was a good hire back in the day.

"“So we’re going to find out something with Matt Rhule. If Nebraska can’t get it right under him then they might as well just give up. They’re not going to be a contender ever again. I mean, this is the moment of truth for the University of Nebraska.”"

Finebaum also said that he thinks Rhule got unfairly tagged with the struggles of the Carolina Panthers.

"“I wouldn’t blame him entirely for that. He had some say but not total say and they just never could get the quarterback situation right. And ultimately, that’s why he lost his job.”"

We’ll see whether or not Finebaum is right and how many things he’s right about. We’ll see if this is really the Nebraska football moment of truth. But at least one more national analyst believes the Huskers made the right hire.