Nebraska Football: Huskers the odds-on favorite to land Jeff Sims

Jeff Sims #10 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets rushes the ball (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Jeff Sims #10 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets rushes the ball (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Nebraska football team might need a quarterback for the 2023 season. Some believe that Casey Thompson might make a return, but so far, he’s not said one way or the other.

If Thompson isn’t the man for the Nebraska football team in 2023, then the Huskers are going to be scrambling for a Plan B. It’s become clear in recent days that won’t be longtime commit William Watson, who announced he was decommiting from the Cornhuskers and was instead giving his pledge to Virginia Tech. That means landing Georgia Tech transfer Jeff Sims is a pretty big deal.

Now, at least one oddsmakers believes that Sims is a real possibility for the Nebraska football team. has laid odds on where the Yellowjacket transfer will end up and the Huskers are looking pretty solid. The Huskers are currently the leaders with a 31.2 percent chance of landing Sims.

That the Nebraska football team is leading the pack with such a low number would seem to indicate that things are still very up in the air for the former Georgia Tech signal caller. After the Huskers, Virginia Tech is the most likely destination with a 19.1 percent chance of getting the transfer. Indiana is a close third with a 16 percent chance. It would certainly sting if the Huskers lost out on a position of need to an also-ran conference rival. Virginia and Florida are tied with a 6.9 percent chance. That the “field” is actually second with a 19.9 percent chance further underlines that things are still fluid.

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The Huskers were hoping to get a foot in the door last weekend when Jeff Sims made a trip to Lincoln. Some thought he might pull the trigger there and then. Instead, he’s stayed mum on where he might be leaning for now.

The Casey Thompson uncertainty may be causing some of the uncertainty in the Jeff Sims situation as well. It’s a safe bet that wherever the transfer ends up, he wants to be “the man.” He does have three years to play two seasons, so he could technically afford to wait one more year while Thompson plays out his eligibility. However, it seems unlikely that’s the plan the quarterback is trying to follow since he’s transferring in the first place.