Nebraska Football: Colorado AD is afraid of Husker fans coming to town

Nebraska Cornhuskers fans cheer (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska Cornhuskers fans cheer (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) /

Nebraska football has its new head coach in Matt Rhule. Colorado also has its new head coach in Deion Sanders. The two new hires, generating excitement among the respective fanbases, are set to square off in Week 2 of next season, which has CU Athletic Director Rick George worried about one big thing. “What if Husker fans make the game in Boulder a Red Out?”

George is so worried that Nebraska football fans will come to the game between Rhule’s Cornhuskers and Sanders’ Buffaloes that he apparently mentioned it during the press conference where “Coach Prime” was announced. This would be funny if it wasn’t so weirdly sad.

Gregory Jackson with Husker-affiliated NIL PeakNIL posted a video of George talking about the game against the Cornhuskers next year. The Colorado AD seemed to be trying to get the assembled fans fired up for his new hire, but his concerns about Nebraska football fans surfaced quickly.

"“Coach Prime’s first home game is against Nebraska. And we’re going to give him a Colorado Buffalo welcome with Black and Gold. So we expect everybody to come up and show up, don’t sell your tickets; because we know who you are, and that’s not going to work.”"

It’s hard to imagine Trev Alberts ever having to chide and even seemingly threaten his fan base about selling tickets to the opposing fans. And the Huskers are having issues selling tickets every now and then. It still feels like this warning at the same press conference where you’re announcing a new coach isn’t a great sign.

It’s also the kind of thing, as Jackson pointed out, that comes off as more of a challenge for Nebraska football fans. There’s even more of a reason to try and turn the game into a Red Out and basically have a Cornhuskers home game in Boulder.

Nebraska fans managed to do that the last time the team played at Colorado in the Scott Frost era. They watched Frost’s squad blow an early lead for the second straight season and lose to the Buffaloes in heartbreaking fashion.

Here’s hoping that’s one of the things the Matt Rhule era of Nebraska football can change for the better.