Nebraska Cornhuskers news: Matt Rhule all over, big hoops Sunday, more

Players on the bench of the Nebraska Cornhuskers (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)
Players on the bench of the Nebraska Cornhuskers (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images) /

It was a very big weekend for Nebraska Cornhuskers athletics and it certainly seems it was nothing but a steady stream of W’s in basically any sport that saw any action at all. “Action” in this regard doesn’t even really mean games. Though teams that had games were quite successful.

The new Nebraska football head coach spent his first full weekend as the official man in charge by traveling all over the state, primarily trying to lock down players that committed to the program before he was the coach.

Rhule also talked to at least a few players that might be leaning towards other programs and seemed to hit all the right notes on these particular visits.

He even managed to seem to win over Malachi Coleman who recommitted from the program just a few days after Rhule took over. It seems that so far, anyone he’s talked to has managed to be won over by him. His constant showing off where he’s going and when especially had Nebraska Cornhuskers fans quite excited.

More Nebraska Cornhuskers News

While the football team is still getting a ton of attention despite their season being over, the Nebraska basketball teams deserve more eyeballs. That was especially apparent on Sunday when Fred Hoiberg’s crew upset seventh-ranked Creighton.

While that was happening, the women’s basketball team was busy handling 20th-ranked Maryland, in Maryland 90-67. It was an especially big win because Amy Williams’ team had jumped on the struggle bus a little bit. But now they’re 1-0 in the Big Ten and looking like they might have turned that ride around.

Big Ten Basketball News

Elsewhere in the Big Ten basketball happenings, the Michigan Wolverines aren’t off to a great start, but that’s largely because their schedule has been rather tough. On Sunday, they lost to 19th-ranked Kentucky 75-69. That wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as 20th-ranked Michigan State losing at home to Northwestern, 70-63.

College Football News

Also, two pieces of news that have national implications but could also affect the Nebraska Cornhuskers popped up as there is some talk that Jim Harbaugh might be leaving Michigan. Mainly the talk is that he could go take over his old team in the Indianapolis Colts, next season.

It was also diverged that Wisconsin defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard has not agreed to stay in Madison yet. While he’s been offered the job, he’s still thinking it over and could depart after all. That could certainly be big for Nebraska Cornhuskers fans next fall.