Nebraska Football: Fake Spencer Rattler tweet gets Husker fans fired up

South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler (7) celebrates after the game (Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports)
South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler (7) celebrates after the game (Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports) /

Monday was a big day for Nebraska football. The Scott Frost era was ushered out and the Matt Rhule was ushered in. And along with the new coach, there was quite a bit of excitement, especially since it appears the team also has its new offensive coordinator in Scott Satterfield. For a while, it seemed like the Huskers might be in line for a new quarterback as well.

It’s no coincidence that the transfer portal talk started to spin up on Monday as well. It’s just about time players will change schools at a breakneck pace. Nebraska football is expected to be heavily involved in the portal again this year, just like last year. One player that was reported to hit the portal though, was a bit of a surprise and definitely got a rise out of Husker fans.

A tweet from what turned out to be a parody account got Nebraska football fans wondering if they were about to land a quarterback who has been one of the hottest signal callers in college football of late. The tweet, by someone who goes by the moniker Richard G. West claimed that Spencer Rattler had not only entered the transfer portal but was also looking at coming to Lincoln.

The tweet claimed that Rattler was joining Marcus Satterfield, who is reportedly leaving South Carolina for the Huskers to be Nebraska football’s offensive coordinator.  It took no time at all for social media to make the tweet go viral.

It wasn’t just Nebraska football fans who were fooled by the tweet. South Carolina fans were not particularly happy when they saw the report their starting quarterback was on the way out.

In the end, the tweet was just another lesson that is taught on Twitter quite often. It’s important to verify where information comes from before spreading it.