Nebraska Football Recruiting: Tristan Alvano shines for state champs

Nebraska football stadium (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Nebraska football stadium (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Interim head coach is fond of talking about how Nebraska football recruiting is going to be key in the next few years to turn around the program. The right head coach is certainly going to help, but he believes that the”jimmys and joes” are what’s going to be really important. It appears that the jimmys, joes and Tristans might really be what’s important when it comes to turning the Cornhuskers around.

Specifically, Tristan Alvano, who got himself an official offer to walk on earlier this morning after initially only being offered preferred walk-on status, is the kind of in-state prospect that will help Nebraska football recruiting turn this around. In the coming years, there are going to be lots of kids at Nebraska schools that could be key to turning things around.

True, normally a kicker isn’t considered to be key to Nebraska football recruiting efforts, but Husker fans in the last few years have seen how important special teams are. They’ve also seen this year how nice it is to have a kicker you don’t have to worry about.

While for now, Nebraska football recruiting gurus saw Tristan Alvano as a walk-on rather than a scholarship player, that changed on Monday night. That’s when he hit five (5!!) field goals for Omaha Westside, including the game-winner that made them State Champs in a 43-41 barn burner of a game.

Alvano does have a few other official scholarship offers from Air Force, Army and North Dakota State, but no other P5 schools are willing to go that far yet. However, he clearly impressed people around the state not only with his accuracy but with his booming leg in the game against Gretna.

Nebraska football recruiting efforts have ramped up quite a bit when it comes to targeting in-state prospects under interim coach Mickey Joseph and after Tristan Alvano’s performance for all the marbles, that walk-on offer turned into a full scholarship within a matter of hours.