Nebraska Football: Myles Farmer suspension the latest gut punch in season gone wrong

Myles Farmer #8 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers before of a game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Myles Farmer #8 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers before of a game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

Nebraska football starting safety Myles Farmer will sit out the Michigan game after being charged with a DUI this past weekend. The news is yet another gut punch in what has been one gut punch of a season.

There was excitement for the season and Scott Frost’s fifth year with a new coaching staff and new players. Then there was the Northwestern game. Still the only game the Wildcats have won so far this season.

Then there was the excitement of a fresh start after Scott Frost was fired and Mickey Joseph was named the interim head coach. Most fans knew that there was very little chance that the Nebraska football team was going to turn things around. But there was still the excitement of wondering what might happen.

Then, the Huskers started winning after the 49-14 debacle that kicked off the Joseph era. Yes it was against Indiana and Rutgers but they still won. Then the close loss to Purdue, and people really thought that perhaps the Cornhuskers were pointed in the right direction.

And then, while it might have been a gentler gut punch than if Frost had still been at the helm, the Huskers started losing again. They even lost their starting quarterback in Casey Thompson, who, it appears, is still not going to be back for the Michigan game. They’ve now lost two games where they haven’t looked particularly good, especially in the second half. And now there’s some louder voices questioning whether Joseph is the right guy for the job.

And now, another gut punch in the form of Myles Farmer not even being available if the Nebraska football team wanted to see if there’d be a chance to pull of an upset. The Cornhuskers’ arguably best defensive back won’t be available. Because he did something inarguably stupid.

In the long run, is Farmer’s arrest a season-ender or season-ruiner? No. It’s unlikely that the Huskers are going to win on Saturday. They are, after all, 30-point dogs. But it’s another gut punch. It’s another disappointment in a disappointing season. And it could be a sign that things are starting to come apart at the seams. Famer’s arrest, after all, comes after his teammate in Caleb Tannor admitted the team lost on Saturday because Minnesota “wanted it more.”

The season and the Nebraska football team will carry on and get past the Myles Farmer suspension. But sooner or later, it would be nice if some legitimate good news could come along and parry some of these gut punches.