Nebraska Football Recruiting: Pair of Husker targets take in Missouri


Nebraska football recruiting is on a bit of a hot streak as of late. That’s thanks to the commitment of Lincoln East product Malachi Coleman over the weekend. His commitment has boosted the Huskers up the recruiting rankings and now Husker fans are hoping for more.

However, when it comes to Nebraska football recruiting and really, recruiting in general, things can go sideways quickly. It’s entirely possible that things are already going a bit sideways when it comes to a couple of prospects the Cornhuskers are hot after for future classes.

It doesn’t always work out that two targets for the Huskers are visiting a rival school on the same weekend, but that was certainly the case for Omaha Central’s Caleb Pyfrom and Naperville, Illinois quarterback Alessio Milivojevic. Both 2024 targets were on a recruiting visit together, taking in the sights that the Missouri Tigers had to offer.

Interestingly enough, both Pyfrom and Milivojevic garnered Nebraska offers not all that long ago. According to On3, they are both considered to be heavy leans to the Cornhuskers at the moment.

That means that while there’s a chance that Missouri has managed to get its foot in the door for both prospects, it could also end up turning out pretty great for Nebraska football recruiting efforts.

Considering that Pyfrom is a hulking offensive lineman and Milivojevic is a quarterback, there’s a decent chance that they could form quite the bond on these kind of recruiting trips. They might compare notes.

And if they really are both leaning hard toward the Huskers, then they might both arrive at the idea that Lincoln is where they want to play football. In this instance, there’s the added bonus that Pyfrom knows Nebraska well and could end up becoming quite the salesman for Mickey Joseph and company.

Of course, Pyfrom is getting a ton of attention lately. If Nebraska football recruiting is going to come away with wins from these two targets, Joseph and his crew have their work cut out for them.