Nebraska Football: Husker fans react to Malachi Coleman’s commitment


Malachi Coleman is officially a part of the Nebraska football’s 2023 recruiting class and it’s not a stretch to call him the biggest addition to the class in quite some time. He also happens to be the first addition to the class since Mickey Joseph took over the head coaching job.

It turns out there was quite a bit of worry that the Lincoln East product might actually not pick the Huskers. After his announcement, it appears there was reason to worry. During one particular interview, Coleman even said he wouldn’t have picked the Nebraska football team six months ago. He went on to credit his relationship with Mickey Joseph for the decision.

Perhaps for that very reason, when Coleman announced his decision, social media went wild. It has, after all, been a long hard slog for the Cornhuskers this fall.

There hasn’t been a ton of good news since the season began. Unless of course you want to count Scott Frost getting fired as good news.

What is very clear is that the Nebraska football faithful are quite excited about landing Coleman. The big question now is what happens next? Does Coleman start a bit of an avalanche of commits the way programs usually see when a big prospect pulls the trigger?

That seems unlikely simply because of the circumstances surrounding the Huskers. There are likely few prospects out there willing to bet on Mickey Joseph being around in 2023.

There’s also the fact that there aren’t a ton of big prospects that are really getting close to announcing a commitment.

On the other hand, maybe Coleman gets on the phone and starts selling the program. His commitment on Saturday seems to have sold the Nebraska football faithful that brighter days are ahead, even if most people still don’t know how the program is going to get there.