Nebraska Football Recruiting: Huskers hope Keyshawn Blackstock could change game

Nebraska Cornhuskers await the start of the game (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Nebraska Cornhuskers await the start of the game (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Mickey Joseph has Nebraska football recruiting rolling quite hard these days. Back when he took over the Huskers’ head coaching job, he made it clear that he and what was left of the staff were not going to let recruiting fall by the wayside.

He’s certainly held to that standard, with quite a few offers going out in the last few weeks. Some of those offers have been to players that were fairly under the radar that have gotten more P5 attention recently. When it comes to the recent offer to Keyshawn Blackstock, Mickey Joseph and company are going after an offensive lineman that could change the game, quite literally for the Nebraska football team.

Anyone who watched the Huskers game against Purdue saw an offensive line that still has some real problems blocking … anyone.

Blackstock is considered the top offensive line prospect coming out of the JUCO ranks. He’s also highly sought after.

While he was originally offered by the Huskers at the beginning of October, he talked about what could be more recently to On3 and said that the Cornhuskers are definitely in the mix. It’s also clear that Nebraska football recruiting is making the full-on sales pitch for Blackstock, considering what the coaches told him when they were going after him most recently.

"“He told me that Nebraska needed more players like me to help get them back. Nebraska is looking for some players with some dog in them.”"

It’s also clear that the Huskers are going to have some stiff competition for Blackstock’s services. He has more than 30 offers from all over the country. Tennessee, Oregon, Penn State, Illinois, Florida and Auburn are just some of the schools the Huskers are competing with.

For a player of his caliber, especially out of the JUCO ranks, the ability to play right away likely carries some serious sway. If he watched the Nebraska football team on Saturday night, he likely saw a spot to start in 2023 pretty easily.