Nebraska Football Tailgate Talk: What Purdue and what not to do

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Saturday night at 6:30 on the B1G Network, Nebraska football travels to West Lafayette to take on the Purdue Boilermakers in what will be the most hostile environment this year (except maybe Michigan). The Huskers will need to be even better on defense against an explosive offense with a roster thick with 5th and 6th-year seniors.

But first things first … I’d forgotten what it’s like to enjoy back-to-back VICTORIES! (although the shady try to steal the ball on a victory formation play was almost a losing gut punch). Congratulations to Head Coach Mickey Joseph and company, and especially to the players. Let it soak in that there are LOTS of kids on that team that haven’t seen back-to-back wins since they stepped onto campus.

I also don’t think the fans have seen back-to-back second-half adjustments since the Pelini era. I’m a FAN of it! 2 games of 2nd half shutouts. Lineman Ty Robinson get after it, son! Yes, defensive back Malcom Hartzog snagged that last interception to sew up the win but what you might have missed was Husker Captain Garrett Nelson hitting their QB to get the throw off its mark.

The Nebraska football team had lost 10 straight 1-score games. This is where you should appreciate all the hard work Bill Busch did in the offseason to get the special teams guys in place. Kicker Timmy Bleekrode and punter Brian Buschini have really been a leg up this year (see what I did there). And how about the HANDS up? Thank you Ochaun Mathis for having big mitts!

Good on former Husker QB Noah Vedral for getting a touchdown before he was replaced. BETTER for former Rutgers tight end Travis Vokolek to get Nebraska’s first touchdown. Weird how the football Gods play with us.

Casey Thompson is a STUD. He only got “sacked” 1 time but lawdy he was hit more than a pinata on Cinco De Mayo. He laughed it off like a pro. Read about that here. Huskers must get the run game going against a great run defense this week to take some of the pressure and hits off of our quarterback. Completing 24 of 37 passes with more heat on him than a ghost pepper is unreal.  His O-line needs to be buying HIM lunch and supper.

This game may have already been decided depending on how serious the injuries for Husker linebacker Luke Reimer and defensive back Quinton Newsome turn out to be but I like the still in the fight attitude. “No one is going to win the West on October 15.” ~ Mickey Joseph.

Purdue has an experienced and proficient offense with Aiden O’Connell at QB. If he has time, he can slice and dice a defense. Huskers will need to keep coverage tight like they’ve been doing to have a chance to break up passes and maybe snag another interception. Purdue’s head coach Jeff Brohm is a great play caller. However, the Huskers have nothing to lose being a 13-ish point underdog Saturday which makes them a dangerous foe. At this point, they are playing loose with house money.

On the bright side, the Boilermakers are using their 3rd string running back and their team is banged up as well. Chris Jefferson, a 5th year defensive back senior is also out. He is 4th on the team with 17 tackles.

Nebraska football is finding ways to be successful.  Myles Farmer and Isaac Gifford continue to come along on the defense. IO lineman Hunter Anthony is working on getting better with every snap. Tight-ends Chancellor Brewington and Oliver Martin are getting their “due” as well.

I had to go deep into the beverage book to find something for Saturday. It’s called the “victory cocktail” and it’s touted as a drink that symbolizes the highs, lows, and successes” of everybody. 2 ounces of Rum, couple dashes of bitters, 1/2 ounce of Maple Syrup, and 1/2 ounce of lime juice.

Next week is a bye week and the Huskers have earned the rest. I’ll be on the milk carton search for information on Rahmir Johnson, Omar Manning and a few other missing-in-action folks. I think there is a chance that Big Red can pull an upset but it will involve a complete game in all three phases and a little luck given the injury report. Regardless, I’ll be watching, screaming at the television and loving the Huskers no matter the score at the end.

Send me your photos of you watching the Nebraska football game and your recipes for your celebrations at @Kelian_NE on the Twitter. As always, GO BIG RED!