Nebraska Football: 3 questions following the win over Indiana

Casey Thompson scores a touchdown against the Indiana Hoosiers (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports)
Casey Thompson scores a touchdown against the Indiana Hoosiers (Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Nebraska football faithful are celebrating today after a win over Indiana that was cathartic for a number of different reasons. Not the least of which was that it was the first win over an FBS school in almost a year.

Defense was a big reason why the Huskers are now 2-3 and in a six-way tie for first place in the Big Ten West. Tackling was a massive part of the Cornhuskers‘ success but they also only allowed 71 yards in the second half.

While the Huskers are coming off an impressive win, really since last year’s game against Northwestern, there are still some questions that are facing the Nebraska football team as we move further into the season. Defense is right at the top of the list

Is the Nebraska football defense fixed?

Only six missed tackles and 71 yards allowed in the second half. Hoosiers only had 67 yards rushing and averaged just 2.9 yards per carry. Those were all season lows. So was the 14 points allowed (the Hoosiers’ other touchdown came from their defense.)

Connor Bazelak completed just 50 percent of his 44 passes and he only had 223 yards. Those were both season lows against FBS teams. (North Dakota only managed 131 yards passing).

Everything points to a massive defensive turnaround. The question now is whether or not this was one very good game, or whether Bill Busch has really fixed the defense.

There are signs that the defense is going to be better as the season goes on. The new defensive coordinator and his players have all talked about how he’s simplified the play calls. He’s also instituted more tackling in practice.

Yes, it helps that Indiana’s 3-1 record seemed to be more smoke and mirrors than a sign the Hoosiers were actually good.  It’s unlikely that the Blackshirts are going to have this kind of dominant performance every week. But there is a real question as to whether the Nebraska football defense might be back. To some degree, we’ll get a hint at the answer next week.