Nebraska Cornhuskers Go Big Read: All about that money, honey

The Nebraska Cornhuskers might have just paid a coach to go away, but the athletic department is about to be recreating that scene where Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore are rolling around in cash on a hotel bed. Too risque? How about Trev Alberts swimming through a vault of gold ala Scrooge McDuck?

No matter what visual you want (or don’t) in your head, the fact of the matter is that the University of Nebraska is about to be flush with cash. And not just thanks to the new media rights deal the Big Ten struck this summer.

Check out that bigger story on what other cash is coming the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ way and other kernels in this morning’s Go Big Read.

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Nebraska announces 15-year, $300 million multimedia rights deal pending regents approval
This obviously isn’t as big as the Big Ten deal, but it’s still a decent chunk of change that is going to help the Huskers improve all sorts of things in the athletic department.

Nebraska Recruiting: Huskers Offer Top Two California Linemen
The Nebraska Cornhuskers coaching have hit the recruiting trail hard and Hail Varsity‘s Brady Oltmans has the breakdown on two new offers.

Nebraska Cornhuskers release 2022-2023 Television Schedule
It’s almost time for the Nebrasketball season to tip off and that means people want to know where they can watch the games for the hopefully resurgent Huskers.

Ahman Green discusses his Nebraska career while walking the campus
One of the best Husker running backs ever recently looked back at his career in Lincoln.

Trev Alberts, Nebraska AD, says Huskers are ‘on a week-by-week basis’ regarding sellout streak
It should surprise no one that the sellout streak is an issue with as bad as the football team has been the last few years. There’s a real danger of it ending.

Nebraska coaching search: Huskers to partner with outside search firm to identify next coach
Not sure this changes much of anything, but the Nebraska Cornhuskers are looking to make sure they’ve turned over every stone in this search.

Reports on Nebraska’s coaching search are not accurate, says Trev Alberts
He has to say that though. Right?

ICYMI Nebraska Cornhuskers kernels from Husker Corner

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