Nebraska Football: Mickey Joseph is ‘like a father figure’ to Malachi Coleman

Nebraska Cornhuskers interim head coach Mickey Joseph speaks to the media(Kayla Wolf-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska Cornhuskers interim head coach Mickey Joseph speaks to the media(Kayla Wolf-USA TODAY Sports) /

If the Nebraska football team doesn’t eventually make Mickey Joseph the official head coach, the Huskers better do everything they can to keep him as a member of the staff. Since he was promoted to Interim Head Coach after the firing of Scott Frost, one thing has been clear. Mickey is quite popular with the current and potential future members of the Cornhuskers.

One such potential future member of the Nebraska football team who has a fantastic connection to Mickey is 4-star Lincoln East prospect Malachi Coleman. During a recent interview with Sooner Scoop the 2023 athlete talked about a few things, including the fact that the Huskers’ interim headman is “like a father figure” to Coleman.

Those comments might be the strongest words of support that Joseph has received from a recruit since he ascended to his current job, but Coleman is far from the only one who have indicated how much they like the coach.

Not long after the announcement that Frost had been fired, several Nebraska football commits took to social media to make it clear they were still devoted to the Huskers. There was also the show of support from Cornhusker fans when Mickey stopped by Lincoln East’s game on Thursday night, in order to see Coleman.

A spontaneous cheer of “we love Mickey” broke out among the students and the Huskers head coach clearly enjoyed it as he turned to the crowd and gave a thumbs up accompanied by a big smile.

As for whether or not Coleman’s close relationship with Mickey might mean the Cornhuskers are the favorite to land his commitment, the recruit is still being cagey. He did mention a few things that will eventually win the day, including a place that could support him academically and prepare him to be set up for the rest of his life.

As if the Nebraska football game against Oklahoma wasn’t already important enough, the matchup on Saturday morning could end up being a kind of Malachi Coleman bowl as both teams are hoping he’ll commit to them when he announces next month.