Nebraska Football: Washington Huskies could be next Big Ten addition

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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The Nebraska football team could soon have yet another team to go up against in the Big Ten from the Pac 12. Brett McMurphy reported on Twitter Thursday morning that the Washington Huskies will enter talks with the B1G and could be joining USC and UCLA in moving conferences sooner rather than later.

McMurphy added that Washington’s meeting with the Big 10 comes just a week after Oregon held talks with the conference.

It should hardly come as a surprise that the Huskies and Ducks are talking to the B1G. Both schools were mentioned as the next dominos to fall when the Trojans and Bruins announced they were making a move.

This does however, seem to be significant as it’s more than just someone guessing on what will be the next moves and more confirmation that something could indeed be in the works. According to McMurphy the door is still open for Notre Dame to make the jump as well.

It’s hard to tell just how serious the talks are at this point, as it was also pointed out that B1G commissioner Kevin Warren wasn’t present at the meeting with Washington. However, should the Huskies join the Nebraska football and a conference that is working to become a bigger power in college football, it seems Warren not being there is par for the course.

He wouldn’t be included in the discussions until things were a bit further down the road.

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As reported, the meetings with Oregon and Washington were the first steps and meant to determine the fit between the schools and the conference. That could mean that it will be quite a while before any move is officially announced. On the other hand, if a fit is seen, things could move quickly.

There is, after all a massive television contract that has to look mighty attractive to teams looking to get a piece of the pie the Nebraska football team and current members of the Big Ten are about to receive.