Nebraska Football looks to make a Statement vs Michigan

Nebraska football is coming off a win this week. Not only a win, but an absolute thrashing of conference opponent Northwestern.

Besides two big pass plays, the performance was just about perfect. Yes, Husker fans that includes special teams too. All extra points were converted and the only punt of the night by William Przystup was an 84-yard bomb.

That game was exactly what Scott Frost and his team needed before this week where they will face off against a top 10 undefeated Michigan squad. There has been much talk of what this team “should” be doing and it looked like they finally played to their potential.

I understand that Northwestern is not Michigan but being able to beat down a conference opponent is always a good feeling and obviously a great momentum booster moving forward.

The Huskers have already lost a couple heartbreakers to ranked teams this year.

  • The good news: they’ll have plenty of opportunities to try and get that ranked opponent win monkey off their back.
  • The bad news: they’ll have plenty of opportunities to try and get that ranked opponent win monkey off their back.

The schedule does not get any easier the second half of the season. As of now Nebraska Football has 3 top 10 teams left on the schedule.

Enter the Michigan Wolverines.

It looks like Scott Frost and his team have finally turned the corner.

Is this team bigger, stronger, and more talented than previous teams? Check.

Do they have a great QB? Looks like it.

Is the defense making plays? And then some.

There’s something about this game that seems to be creating a buzz around Husker nation. While I don’t think anyone will be calling for Frost’s head if Nebraska loses (well unless we lose on a special teams play, knock on wood), I also believe this fanbase and this team is FAR past feeling happy about keeping the score respectable even against a top 10 team. This team and fanbase are not just “hoping” they can win, they KNOW they can win.

Michigan played probably their toughest game of the season last week, at least on paper. Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines went into Camp Randall and crushed the Badgers 38-17. The only thing is, the Badgers are now 1-3. Michigan hasn’t necessarily had a cakewalk so far but they definitely have not had the most difficult path to 5-0.

To me, this looks like almost any other Michigan team of the Harbaugh era. Cade McNamara is an average-above average quarterback leading the offense, the rushing attack is solid, and the defense is big and physical led by Aidan Hutchinson who is probably one of the best football players in the country.

If you remember the last time Nebraska Football visited the Big House you remember that Michigan was flat out just bigger and stronger. This time around is a different story.

The key in this game will be if the offensive line that was adjusted for the Northwestern game continues playing well against an assumed much better front seven this week. If they do that and establish any sort of a run game, the Huskers will be in good shape.

Expect the blackshirt defense to do what they’ve been doing and Adrian Martinez to give the Michigan defense fits as he is the best quarterback they will have seen up to this point.

This game should be exciting to watch and the environment in Memorial Stadium on Saturday night should be nothing short of electric.