Nebraska Football: Christian McCaffrey throwing shade at Scott Frost is unnecessary

NFL star and Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey took to Twitter Wednesday evening to call out Nebraska football head football coach Scott Frost. This is a bad look.

This all started when McCaffrey responded to a summarized quote from Frost reported on by Mitch Sherman of The Athletic:

Apparently, McCaffrey believed Coach Frost was taking a dig at his little brother Luke who recently transferred from Nebraska to Louisville and after a few summer workouts decided to transfer from there as well. Luke most recently committed to play at Rice University.

I don’t see anywhere in the summarized quote where Frost even takes a jab at Luke but is rather calling out the problems with the transfer portal in today’s era. This is even more apparent when you see the full quote from Frost that Sherman later tweeted out after some Twitter drama produced:

What Frost is saying here is that schools are already recruiting kids while they attend other schools and then basically telling them what they want to hear whether it is true or not just to get them on campus. In other words, they are receiving “bad advice”.

It sounds to me that Luke McCaffrey was most likely told he’d have an opportunity to play quarterback at Louisville and upon arrival realized quickly that there never really was a legit chance of him getting on the field at that position. This is very different than Frost’s situation as a player where he transferred back to his home state, started at quarterback, and led the Huskers to a National Championship in 1997.

I’m sure Luke took some heat once it was announced he was transferring from Louisville so quickly and maybe Christian was just being a big brother and had gotten annoyed hearing about it.  However, this to me was a lazy take by him and did not warrant taking a shot at Coach Frost who was one of the few coaches that gave Luke a real opportunity to play quarterback out of high school and always spoke highly of him.

Rice seems like it will be a good fit for Luke and he has a good shot to go in and start day one at quarterback.  I, along with the majority of Husker fans, wish him nothing but best going forward.