Nebraska Football: Heinrich Haarberg impresses in big day Saturday

Any questions as to whether the young Nebraska football quarterbacks would at least be ready for the spring game were put to rest. Both Logan Smothers and Heinrich Haarberg had some really good things going for them on Saturday, and their performances certainly gave them something to build off of.

In particular, I was impressed with the play of Haarberg. That strong arm that the Nebraska football coaching staff has talked about throughout the course of the spring was on full display. He did struggle with accuracy at times, but that will come with time.  He certainly had a nice day statistically, and he gave Nebraska football fans hope for the future of the quarterback position.

On the day, he went nine-of-23, throwing for 121 yards, and an interception. Perhaps the best play of the day came after the clock ran out. On a day that featured Wyatt Liewer quite a bit on the final drive, Haarberg threw a touchdown to the wide receiver for a 25-yard score. On that drive in particular, Haarberg looked very good in terms of how he threw the ball with purpose, and his arm strength.

The arm strength was something that I thought was instantly noticeable when I watched his high school film. That is going to get him far in college football. He certainly can throw it deep, something that Nebraska football quarterbacks have not been able to do in past seasons.

Overall, it was a day with a lot of positives for Haarberg. He showcased his talent, and he was able to make the most of the opportunities he had during the game. He will definitely be able to build off this game, and certainly has something to look back on before fall camp begins.

As for the quarterback himself, he indicated that Saturday was equivalent to a dream.

“This morning when I woke up I wasn’t expecting that, that’s for sure. It was surreal,” Haarberg said. “Just thinking back two years ago I was part of that (spring game crowd), I was part of the fans, and now being able to entertain them was a dream come true.”

If Haarberg continue to play like he did on Saturday, he will be able to live out that dream more often. This kid has a bright future, and he showed exactly what would make him successful on Saturday. I’m excited to see how he develops, and what type of player he becomes once he is a bit more polished.