Nebraska Football: Brenden Jaimes headed to protect Justin Herbert

As the Nebraska football spring game continues to excite the fans, something else exciting happened for a former Nebraska football player. Brenden Jaimes was picked with the 150th overall selection by the Los Angeles Chargers.

Jaimes started 40 games for Nebraska football last season, and did not allow a sack or hit in 473 snaps this past season. In addition to that, he only allowed four hurries. He was incredibly solid for Nebraska throughout the entirety of his career.

Jaimes will certainly be a benefit to a Los Angeles Chargers line that needs to give quarterback Justin Herbert more protection. The Chargers need durability and stability on the line, and Jaimes can provide that for them. He certainly will not start right away, but he could be a key player in a few seasons.

Right now, he is going to be a bit of a project player when it comes to how he will fit in the National Football League. He is a good player of course, we saw it last year. However, we also saw him get overpowered by his man at times. He will certainly have to develop, and that’s okay. For where he was picked in this draft, and the upside that he has, this was certainly a good pick by Los Angeles.

It will be interesting to see how he develops in the National Football League, and what type of player he will be. He certainly has a high ceiling and I certainly think he can start in the NFL. However, that development process will be crucial for him, especially if he wants a long career on the big stage. It is not necessarily a knock on him, he is just going to have to go through the same development process that many rookies have had to undergo.