Program right to move away from idea of QB in transfer portal

There were a lot of interesting tidbits at Scott Frost’s press conference on Wednesday afternoon. The Nebraska football coach give updates on a little bit of everything. One interesting update was what Nebraska football planned to do in regards to adding a veteran quarterback via the transfer portal. It doesn’t sound like Nebraska football plans to make any movements in regards to that.

This is an idea that has been floated around by Frost a couple of times this offseason. There’s never been anything definitive said about it, but it’s been talked about in the past.  This is an idea that I never really agreed with, given the quarterbacks on the roster. I would rather Nebraska football takes the time and develops the quarterbacks that they have on the roster instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with a quarterback from the outside.

Even still, I did not completely shut the door myself on the idea of Nebraska football adding a quarterback if it meant that additional talent would be coming to Lincoln. In today’s day and age of Big Ten football, the more talent a team has, the better off they are. Personally, my philosophy has always been “If the player is good, bring him in.”

Although it would not be my favorite move if Nebraska brought in a transfer quarterback, I wouldn’t completely hate the idea and not warm up to it.

Wednesday, Frost basically shut the door on that idea. I personally think that it’s a smart move, given the fact that Nebraska football has talented quarterbacks on the roster. With spring ball coming to a close and the spring game set to take place on Saturday, it seems like Frost realizes this as well.

“We haven’t made any final decisions on that,” Frost said. “We still have a couple spots that we’ll try to find anybody that we think can help our team the most. Right now, I wouldn’t say it would probably be quarterback.”

Adrian Martinez, Heinrich Haarberg, and Logan Smothers can certainly man the room. Haarberg and Smothers have no game experience to be fair. Nevertheless, I think that’s where development comes in. Development is where the Nebraska football program failed with Luke McCaffrey, and now they need to make sure they develop these two as well. See my article from January.

The real question is, what is Nebraska going to do in the transfer portal with the idea of not adding a quarterback? I will be intrigued to see what they do. It always seems like coaching staff has something up their sleeves. What will be the magic up their sleeves this time around?