Nebraska Football: Ty Robinson has big goals all around


It’s always easy to write the hype story. I can sit here for days and talk about how a certain Nebraska football player has big  goals and big dreams as preparation for the 2021 season gets underway. However, it would not be cliché to say that Nebraska football defensive lineman Ty Robinson has big goals in all aspects of his life.

He made his presence known in the eight games that Nebraska football played in 2020. He recorded 17 tackles, and in turn has set the stage for a big 2021 season. That’s just the football portion of things. As noted in a report by Chris Bassnet of the Lincoln Journal-Star, Robinson also is a pre-med student. I can just imagine the amount of work that takes. Just thinking about it makes my head spin. It’s also further proof that he is aiming to go big in everything he does.

On the football field, he is not only setting high expectations for himself, but the defensive line as well. I love the fact that he is trying to set the tone and take leadership for that group. The defensive line is certainly going to be a key component for 2021. At times last season, I thought they severely underwhelmed.

Now, with a strong core group that includes the likes of Ben Stille, Damion Daniels and Casey Rogers, there should be absolutely no excuse. That is a line full of upperclassman. I suppose even though he is a redshirt freshman, you could put Robinson in that category as well. He certainly has game experience for Nebraska football. To his credit, he’s made the most of the opportunities he has been given.

Now, he has confidence in his defense and believes that the right pieces are there for Nebraska football to finally succeed. I too, have confidence in this group. This is one of the best defenses that Nebraska has had in quite some time.

“What we have to prove is that we’re still a dominant defense. I fell like this year in the Big Ten we’ve set our goals up pretty high for what we want. But I feel like this next season, and what we’ve seen so far, that we’re going to be a pretty dominant defense in the Big Ten,” Robinson said. “So that’s what we’ve got to prove; we’ve got to show everyone that we’re different from last year.”

“Some might think it’s a big jump. For me, I see it as a normal jump. It’s just a thing we do. I think it’s the way that our culture’s been changed,” Robinson said. “It’s all here, we’ve finally got all the right pieces, I think. So you’re going to see a totally new team next year.”

I love the confidence that he has. He performed well and the showed that he belonged on this defense last year. It is for that reason I have no problem with him saying these things. He has certainly earned the space to do so.

Now, it’s going to be all about action. I can almost bet you that Robinson will be leading the charge in that regard. He is always ready to play and ready to succeed. Whether it be in the classroom or on the field, he is aiming to do big things.