Nebraska Basketball: CJ Wilcher adds depth, three-point shooting

Nebraska basketball  gets speed and talent in Wilcher.

Nebraska basketball was able to add a guard from the transfer portal on Friday. Former Xavier guard CJ Wilcher transferred to the Nebraska basketball program, giving Nebraska a speedy guard.

It’s important to note that Wilcher was a freshman last year. In a limited amount of action, he recorded 3.3 points and 1.5 rebounds for Xavier last season. Perhaps the most intriguing part about him is that he will have four seasons of eligibility left. If the NCAA is able to approve an immediate eligibility transfer waiver, Wilcher could play for Nebraska basketball next year.

Nebraska basketball and Wilcher do have a prior history. Nebraska was recruiting him before he decided to go to Xavier. Matt Abdelmassih was the coach recruiting him.

His statistics are a little bit low, partly due to the fact that he was a freshman last year and they typically do not get a ton of playing time. As noted in a report from the Lincoln Journal Star, he does have a perimeter shot. This would certainly benefit him in a Nebraska basketball offense that relies a lot on transition offense and three-point shooting.  He made 34.5% of his three-point shots in the action that he took part in last season.

This is a good get for Nebraska. For one, they are getting a young player that they will have in the program for potentially four seasons. For another, he can hit outside shots with relative ease. Nebraska needs a player that can hit that shot with consistency. They could be getting it in Wilcher.

I hope the NCAA is able to approve his waiver. I would love to see him be able to play with the talent that Nebraska basketball has coming in. There are going to be a ton of good players heading to Lincoln in short order. This may mean that it could get crowded in Lincoln. However, I would rather have too much depth within the program than not enough depth at all.

Nebraska basketball has been active in the transfer portal over the past couple of seasons, and this is yet another example of that. Wilcher has a ton of potential, and this is a player that Nebraska basketball could develop and one they have time to work with. This is a win for both sides, and it will be interesting to see how he develops. I have a feeling that the coaching staff will be able to get a lot out of him.