Nebraska Football: Scott Frost bringing back Husker legends to assist

Two Nebraska football legends are coming back to Lincoln.

A lot of times when a coach brings in old friends to help with the program, I sort of cringe. It seems like that coach is doing them a favor. However, Scott Frost is doing this as we speak, and I kind of like it.

According to a report from the Lincoln Journal-Star, Frost is bringing in old teammates Jason Peter and Jay Foreman. Per Frost, Peter is going to be helping in the weight room, while Foreman is going to be assisting Marcus Castro-Walker.

I absolutely love this idea. For one, we all know how prolific Peter was. A two-time First-Team All-Big 12 selection and a First-Team All-American honoree in 1997, he was a giant in the world of college football. His senior season of 1997 was particularly notable. He finished with 60 tackles and seven sacks.

Foreman was a co-captain For the Nebraska football program in 1998. He was a member of three Nebraska championship teams in 1994, 1995, and 1997. He would go on to play for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

In his Nebraska career, Foreman would record 233 tackles, 15 tackles for a loss, five sacks, two forced fumbles, and 19 quarterback hurries. The middle linebacker was an absolute beast, and he was a staple of the Nebraska football defense during his time in Lincoln.

The fact that Frost is bringing these two back to assist with the program is awesome. These guys know what it takes to win, and they were some of the best defensive players to play at Nebraska. Especially considering the defensive players that have come through Lincoln, that is not a statement to take lightly. Hopefully, some of their hard work and determination can rub off on the 2021 edition of this team.

Between the Ron Brown hire and these guys coming back, Scott Frost wants people who know the Nebraska football culture. Bringing back some of the best ever do it for the Huskers is awesome. I love that Scott Frost is welcoming them back to help.

This is a very smart move on his part, as it shows other alumni that they could possibly be involved with the program as well. Some of them have been very vocal on social media in regards to their feelings on the state of the program. Now, there could be a chance that they could come back and help make an impact.

For now, Peter and Foreman will look to make a difference. Having them in Lincoln to assist will only help things. I am very excited about this.