Nebraska Football: Huskers meeting talented in-state prospect Sunday

Nebraska football is already beginning their in-state work for future classes.

As has been well-documented, the state of Nebraska has some outstanding athletes for the 2022 class. Nebraska football is trying to get in the mix of that in terms of recruiting. Sunday, they are scheduled to meet with Lincoln Southeast athlete Jake Appleget.

Appleget is a 6-foot-4 wide receiver primarily, and is not ranked in the 247Sports Composite Rankings. He currently holds offers from some smaller schools. Illinois State, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, South Dakota State and Yale have all offered. Most recently, Illinois State extended their offer on February 16.

He plays both the wide receiver and outside linebacker positions. Watching him from an outside linebacker standpoint, he is very aggressive and is able to see where the play is going as it is happening. His reaction time is very quick. This is where his frame really helped him at the high school level. Once he wraps up, is very hard to get away from when he makes a tackle.

On offense, he is best as an outside receiver. He is very controlled as soon as the ball is snapped, and follows the football with his eyes very well. He is a very physical receiver, and that allows him to take slants over the middle without any hesitation. Once he catches the ball, he is hard to bring down.

I could see him filling in either a linebacker or wide receiver position for Nebraska. He has the size to be able to excel at both. I personally liked what I saw out of him at the wide receiver position a little bit more, as I think he would fit Nebraska’s offense nicely. As I have mentioned before, they want to focus on getting taller receivers. They did that in the 2021 class, and I think it is a formula that will serve them well for the future.

I will certainly be looking to see if any news comes out of that Zoom meeting.  Nebraska football needs to land prospects in-state in these next couple of classes. I really like the potential that Appleget has. The fact that Nebraska football is talking to him while he is unranked works in their favor in my estimation as well.

Although Nebraska football probably will not be his only major offer, I am happy that they are at least talking to him. They really need to focus on trying to continue to build a fence around the state.