Nebraska Football: Logan Smothers is impressing Scott Frost

Nebraska football has talent in the quarterback room.

It’s no secret that Nebraska football has struggled at developing quarterbacks over the past couple of seasons. Logan Smothers could buck that trend.

Smothers has managed to impress Scott Frost, and that is certainly encouraging. Especially given the performances of Nebraska quarterbacks over the past couple of seasons, any praise is good at this point.

Smothers could be in the future of the program moving forward. Back when he was in high school, I really liked what I saw out of him. He has it all in terms of skills. He can throw, he can run with the football, and he can also make quick decisions.

Those things are assets that we saw in Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey in high school as well. However, they have had trouble translating it effectively and consistently in the college ranks.

So far, it sounds like Smothers is doing the necessary things he needs to do in order to progress and make an impact. This is certainly good to hear, as he will be an important part of the future of the Nebraska football program.

For me, it comes back to development. Will he be able to translate his skills to the collegiate level? Frost talked about what Smothers brings to the table on Thursday, and it sounds like he has all the necessary skills to do so.

In particular, Frost indicated that Smothers has good decision-making. This is certainly crucial, as decision-making is something that Nebraska football quarterbacks have struggled with at times.

“He’s been really accurate,” Frost said. Quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco is working with Smothers to improve the efficiency and velocity of Smothers’ throwing motion. Smothers also fits the bill as a decision-maker, which Frost prizes in a quarterback.

“What I’ve really been impressed with so far is his savvy and ability to process information quick and make good decisions,” Frost said. Smothers will get “his share of reps” this spring.

,This is certainly some good news to hear. I’ll be interested to see what he does during the spring, and how Nebraska football spaces out his reps. I think they will be good, solid reps. I do not think they are going to give him those reps just to keep them satisfied and happy.

This is Smothers’ chance to show the Nebraska football program exactly what they have and why they recruited him.